We Have Fun presents We Have Hangovers

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    Pogo DJs, Cheeky Chops, Mr Bump, DJ Flyte, Fatman 88
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  • Your brain may feel like it died and is being gnawed away by the insistent mandibles of a swarm of angry wasps. You may desperately attempting to repress the recollection of horrid half remembered encounters in crowded toilets. And your bowels, well let's not go into it. BUT THAT'S NO EXCUSE as We Have Fun presents 'We Have Hangovers'. A super groovy audio-visual alka selzter that won't break the bank. First jump around like a retarded grasshopper to the sounds of the Pogo DJs. Then misbehave at the rave like a scurrilous knave called Dave to the beats of Cheeky Chops. Everybody put your metal objects in the tray and check in, there won't be any delays in the take off schedule of DJ Flyte. Calling all Mr Happy's and Little Miss Naughty's, you'll next be Mr Tickled pink by Mr Bump. And finally speeding down the M1 to play some highly calorific beats, Fatman 88. And remember it's on the 2nd January, 10pm to 4am, at 333 in Shoreditch, London and will cost you £3 to get in before 11 and £5 after. So we'll see you there!