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    Special Guests: Ben Evans (Interview) Julian Renyolds (Interview/Vinyl Warning) Mis'Chief (Instinct) Joey Amen (Sunrise Promo) Mouka (Live Ableton Mashup) Algorithm With added residents: Taran M J-Slyde Rich OK Simon Murphy Denham Jay
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  • So Christmas has gone, New year’s was a blast and now there's nothing left to do for the month... errrrr WRONG! The substance sound system is rolling into the New year and celebrating it's new home @ Highlander bar in the City. 2 massive levels of Melbourne's finest human juke boxes, playing unbelievable 'speaker-hump' worthy beats with special guests galore and cheap as a fork entry. So tell your friends, write it on a calendar, put it in your phone, “My answer is D Eddy - all of the above!”, get up off the couch and get on down to the party that never fails to satisfy. Viva la Substance!
  • Substance - Flyer front
    Substance - Flyer back