Nicky Siano

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    Nicky Siano (New Party Legend from Studio 54)
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  • Por 2nda Ocasion AURA presenta al primer dj estrella del planeta, el primer dj en aparecer en las listas de Billboard, siendo residente del legendario club Studio 54 de Nueva York. Nicky Siano se presenta por 2nda ocasion en aura. en un evento que no respeta edades. On a Saturday very special event Aura is proud to present Nicky Siano (NY Party Legend former resident of the Studio 54) "Nicky Siano was the king of DJ's. He was so fierce he could put a record on and people would scream. There was no other DJ like Nicky Siano. He was the best DJ I ever heard." Kenny Carpenter "Larry and I would blow up balloons, set up the food bar, prepare the punch and give out acid, but we also spent alot of time hanging out in the both, watching Nicky's every move. He pretty much taught us what we were doing." Frankie Knuckles "At the end of the night he would sit down, take off his shoes and socks, and start mixing with his toes! Everybody loved Nicky. He was the first DJ star." Michael Gomes
  • Nicky Siano - Flyer front