Loose With Justus Kohncke, Peter Visti & Jisco

  • LOOSE - Jan 31st - Platinum JUSTUS KOHNCKE (Kompakt) PETER VISTI (Eskimo) DAVID JAMES (Jiscomusic) 23:00 - 06:00 Juno Records will be giving away some vouchers for free mp3 downloads from Juno Download on the night, £5 per person! Tickets Available soon from RA Just a tiny bit of blurb..... Justus Kohncke has released lots of great techno, house and electronics on Kompakt over the last 8 years or so from his home town of Cologne. He has also done a couple of great records for Eskimo under the Division By Zero moniker which we totally dig. Peter Visti is also a long time champion of Balearica and deepness and recent releases on Eskimo have only gone to cement this reputation and again one of our favourite artists and a great DJ. Jisco have become the label of the moment, The Revenge edits being the best thing since well since Mark E. Label boss David James joins us! Usual nonsense from us with Dan Kinasz making a long awaited DJ appearance and the Mamas bringing up our rear!! Lovely x
  • Loose With Justus Kohncke, Peter Visti & Jisco - Flyer front