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    PARTIES FOR PEACE & MDM RECEPTION Hosted By Emilie, Prune & Engin 20:00-21:00 Mr Gaines | Classic funk set 21:00-22:00 Jason Saint (Hi Fi) 22:00-23:00 Tamaki (YUK) 23:00-00:00 Aosawa (KSR) LIVE ART by KUSATOP plus auction of work (tbc) FOOD by HAREM - Authentic Turkish Cuisine YUK LOUNGE 00:00-01:00 Cashy (Solfa) 01:00-02:00 Ama & Genki (YUK) 02:00-03:00 Tatsuya (Minimal Tokyo) 03:00-04:00 Rob Palmer (Spice!) 04:00-05:00 DT classics set PHOTOS BY KYLE FLOWERS, ART BY KUSATOP & TAKERU AMANO plus auction of work MAUS 2 MAUS MAIN 21:00-22:00 Luis Sanchez (BCWW) 22:00-23:30 Nik Muthafunka (Real Grooves) 23:30-01:15 Dave Twomey (Samurai FM / Mariana set) 01:15-02:40 DJ Wada (Sublime // Co-Fusion) 02:40-04:00 DJ Sodeyama (WC / No:MoreRec) 04:00-05:00 Bob Rogue (
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  • Thanks a lot to Dan Grunebaum for the Metropolis article... check it out if you haven't seen it already!! """HELP""" For "Medecins du Monde Japon (Doctors of the World Japan) """"""""2008.12.06 (SAT/?) @ SOLFA, NAKA MEGURO"""""""" CHARITY FUNDRAISER 2008" AKA DAVE TWOMEY'S 29TH BIRTHDAY 2 stops from Shibuya by Tokyu Toyoko or 3 stops from Roppongi on Hibiya line. 5 minute walk. i-Flyer, Ooooze, S.O.S., P4P & MYM Tokyo?? Powered by I-flyer, Ooooze, S.O.S, P4P & MYM Tokyo For fast, efficient, high quality flyer service in English ???????Maus 2 Maus?????????????????????????????????????????????????????30???????????3?????????????????????HELP??????????????????????????????????? (Medicins Du Monde)?( WADA?????????????????????DJ SODEYAMA??????????????20??????????????????????SOLFA????KUSATOP(21?-23?) ?TAKERU AMANO(23?-1?)??????????????????????????????????Parties 4 Peace?Engin Yenidunya?MDM????????????????????????(20?-24?)? Past "Maus 2 Maus" events for refugees in Sudan, victims of the Tsunami & later the Pakistan Earthquake & more have raised over 300,000Y in the last 3 years. "HELP" is a one off event to raise we hope a huge amount of money & awareness for the incredible doctors based all around the world, helping the very poorest & most destitute and financed by the charity MEDECINS DU MONDE. All artists including the elusive DJ WADA, without doubt the best underground techno DJ in Tokyo & DJ SODEYAMA - the best producer in our opinion - have kindly offered their services for free. The event will be held from 8pm til the morning at the very stylish & brand new SOLFA in uber-cool Naka Meguro, just down the road from Shibuya. Live art will also be provided by KUSATOP (9-11pm) & TAKERU AMANO (11-1am) to be auctioned thereafter and food will be there for the nibbling during the reception part of the evening (8-12) hosted by Parties For Peace & Engin Yenidunya as well as representatives from MDM itself. + VJ MICHIRU/?????VJ HP Press by Promotional Video by Sebastian Angel [Writer/Director - Cinematographer - Photographer] 2500Y/2000YEN 1D Say "HELP" at the door for 2000Y 1D entrance + MEDECINS DU MONDE (Doctors of the World) projects From providing emergency medical relief to victims of the tsunami or Haiti hurricane to improving the lives of women recovering from acid attacks in Palestine or basic healthcare to Darfur refugees, we are continuously evaluating the health needs of vulnerable people worldwide and providing them with the medical attention and psychological support they need. This is achieved through two types of healthcare projects and a commitment to sharing our skills and training local people. These can be defined as: * Emergency response projects - e.g. Burma * Long-term, sustainable healthcare development projects involving training local healthcare staff - e.g Niger In addition, three themes have been identified upon which our overseas projects are broadly based: * Childhood * Globalisation and its effects on health, including migration issues * Infectious diseases: working towards worldwide prevention Médecins du Monde currently has 180 projects running in 60 countries worldwide. - - - ARTIST PROFILES DJ WADA ||| DJ/producer One half of production outfit Co-Fusion (with Heigo Tani) Wada San has albums under his belt, most notable the new Final Resolution on Sublime. Wada tours extensively & is likely one of the best techno DJ's in Japan as well as the busiest. he recently remixed Sodeyama's Butterfly Effect available on No:moreRec. + DJ SODEYAMA ||| DJ/producer/promoter One of the best know producer DJ's on the Tokyo scene. Sodeyama is responsible for bringing some of the best international artists in the world to Japan: Audion, Raudive, Jay Haze & more and his latest EP due for release in December 2008 has received praise from the likes of Loco Dice & Josh Wink. The EP will be available on his recently started new label No:moreRec, available exclusively at Beatport. + DAVE TWOMEY ||| DJ/producer/promoter/net radio presenter + Born in Japan. Moved to USA in 1997. Established "MIDDLE MANAGEMENT" with Gunnar Lockwood.( Works in Tokyo. ?Current [email protected] ( + TAKERU AMANO + Promotional Video by Sebastian Angel Writer/Director - Cinematographer - Photographer + VJ MICHIRU/?????VJ HP
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