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    TBA - Cape Town
    • Cape Town
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    Fri, 30 Jan 200921:00 - 4am
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    Eclectica Allstars, Coco Loco, Chemikult, Meanboy, VaSun, Manoj
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  • Plundering the high seas of music to gather the finest range of beats and pieces, NONONO!!! #12 sees a fine range of eclectic styles assemble on its three floors. From the unspeakably intelligent progressive and minimal track selection of master DJ Meanboy (aka Roy Peacock) to the cheeky bag of electro and indie tricks wielded by the massively successful Coco Loco and on to the mind-blowing dubstep of Chemikult, the first NONONO!!! of 2009 flies the flag for all those round pegs tired of all those square holes. As usual this unhinged fiesta of freestyle beats is hosted by the Eclectica Allstars, who provide the foundation of electro, retrosynth and fidget beats and the Lapis Lazuli posse dropping fat 4 by 4 bangers, ensuring not a single genre goes unmolested in the quest for musical perfection. Info: 079 490 9391 / [email protected]
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