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    Exec Bat (Vekton Musik) Piecé (Club 42 Below) Andreas Thomas (MIRmusic, electric brick)
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  • t is weekend again. The 5000 inhabitants city of "Wittichenau" is sleeping. However, for a long time numerous celebration-furious people have arranged to meet by Internet and oral propaganda to meet somebody - the miniclub. The place, where on the weekend just 100 people squeeze in by a backentrance, small, smoky, but, above all, to celebrate created Location. And everyone seems to be there with only one purpose: CELEBRATE. Past is the time in which one longed for parties like on television. Past the time, in which one had to travel far to hear electronic music. Now for the daughters and sons of the provincial town the " sex, drugs and Electro " factor lies directly before the front door. Do not hesitate, to make out with the neighbouring boy, only because you run into him the next day passing the paper container. Do not hesitate to take your bank neighbour from the vocational school home with you, the teacher does not know it anyways. Do not hesitate to go out fully from you and above all, do not hesitate to come again next time. Going insane is permitted. Go off desirably. Shits on it what the people tell the next day about you and what is written the next day on the Internet about you. All who have been there know exactly what it was like and will let it happen next time again. And again and again and again. Every night on a new. You are a part of it.
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