Departure Lounge Hogmanay Special

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    Orkestra Del Sol, Mungo's Hi-Fi Soundsystem, MC Soom T, Gecko 3, Dom Servini, Astroboy & Mr Zimbabwe
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  • Last year at Departure Lounge we took the decision to open up our Hogmanay Bash to the entire Caves complex and really mash things up. Well, the night was an unbridled sell-out success, we still get little spine-tingles thinking about. So we took the decision not to mess with the plan too much, especially as there were so many people who couldn’t get tickets last year. We’ve invited back both Orkestra Del Sol and Mungo’s Hi-Fi, and augmented them with a couple of our favourites, Gecko 3 and London jock and diamond geezer Dom Servini. We are especially pleased to have Glasgow street poet and MC extraordinaire Soom T on the mic for Mungo’s. Such wonders will be bookended by sets by original DL resident team Astroboy & Mr Zimbabwe. All this over the entire Caves compex: 2 separate clubbing spaces, 3 bars and nuff alcoves and nooks! So if you're looking for something maybe a bit classier than the average club with thumping music, some top notch live bands, wicked music from across the spectrum and hands down the best crowd you'll find in a Hogmanay club, and of course Edinburgh's finest venue, you've found the gig for you. Brief summaries of guests: Orkestra Del Sol Oh yes brothers and sisters! Our favourite swinging, singing, dancing brass troubadours are back for more. This merry band of gypsy-polka-waltzing party specialists have been rocking it up from Inverness to Shanghai via Serbia this summer and they return to lubricate your joints with an orgy of sounds and rhythms so infectious you may find ordinary walking difficult for days to come! Mungo's Hi-Fi Soundsystem You looking for some bass at your party? Well friends, you need not search any further. We've got the best rig in Scotland packed into a cave that might have been crafted by Jah Himself for the explicit purpose of skanking. That's right, the mighty Mungo's crew return to shake the foundations of Edinbra with a selection of dancehall flavas and dubwise sounds from the ancient to the future. MC Soom T is Mungo’s very special guest on the mic (last year we had Northern Xposure). Soom’s humble style and electrical lyrical flow has seen her sell many 1000’s of records, support Aphex Twin and Bassment Jaxx, and collaborate with Asian Dub Foundation. Her track with Mungo’s, “Do You Really Know?” is a classic. Gecko 3 & Friends Aha! How about a blistering set of bad-to-the-bone funk to see in the New Year? That's how Gecko 3 like it, with a generous portion of jazz, hip-hop and reggae for a tasty stew guaranteed to warm the cockles. Garnish with special guest appearances and you have a dish to dance like an idiot to. Dom Servini On guest DJ duties we are ecstatic to have long-time friend and famed globe-trotting London taste-maker Dom Servini. He is a party DJ of the highest order, rocking a blend of dancefloor jazz, soulful gems, Latin swingers and big fat dirty beats….all at the same time! You just need to check the impreccable back catalogue of his label Wah Wah 45s to see this is man who knows his trade. Astroboy & Mr Zimbabwe But of course, lets not forget about our original residents who will be laying down a fresh selection of global styles with their unique flair – jazz, Afrobeat, Latin, funk, hip-hop, drum’n’bass – the kind of mix you want to hear on Hogmanay. A note of caution: This event has sold out 4 years running so don't expect to be buying tickets for you and 10 mates a day or two before the gig, get your shit together soon! Lowdown: Where: The Caves, Niddry Street South, Edinburgh Times: 10pm - 5am Tickets: £25 in advance plus booking fee From: Ticketweb - Ripping Records, South Bridge Ticket Scotland, Rose Street Underground Solu'shn, Cockburn Street
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