Reverberations 14th Birthday vs Alabama 3

  • After 14 years of beats, the guys return to their spiritual home of Brixton for a night that brings together the residents, old friends and new guests for a party that will immediately decide what you are doing in that black hole between Xmas and New Year. With Alabama 3 performing live before 10pm, early arrival is the name of the game. Be sure to have the a full tank of gas in place as this will be followed by a Reverb line up consisting of guest of honour Denvers Matthew Brandy who is Reverberations most recent signing, Ashley Casselle, Joel Brittain, Asad Vizvi, Tom Gillieron and Paul Soul. An incredible line up from start to finish! E-mail [email protected] for guest list and join them for the Alabama 3 live concert between 8pm and 10pm for some free drinks and food!
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      £7 guest list and £12 door
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  • Reverberations 14th Birthday vs Alabama 3 - Flyer front