Red Snapper Exclusive Live Show

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    Red Snappee, Jon Kennedy band
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  • Every now and then a band comes along that makes you sit up in your seat and listen, then just as you're really getting in to it they disappear of the face of the earth and you're left wanting. And waiting. And then finally salvation comes in the form of a new album, new tour dates and the same old musical intensity and innovation! Well, for fans of Red Snapper tonight is the night of such salvation. With their 1996 debut Prince Blimey, Red Snapper’s savage display of traditional jazz instrumentation in a contemporary context — and, most importantly, the band's ability to pull it off live — was largely responsible for the influx of dance artists fusing acoustic instruments with electronic sounds. They distinguished themselves from the outset by performing live, not relying on studio wizardry to reach their audience. During a period when most “live” music consisted of artists sweating over a sequencer in a flightcase, here was a group of gifted musicians who took their studio material and bettered it on stage. After a seven year hiatus, and with the new album 'Pale Blue Dot' heralding a return to the 'fuckoffjazz' form their fans know and love, Red Snapper are back on stage at Cargo tonight! Jon Kennedy has to be one of the hardest working musicians you could come across, utilising all the new forms of self-promotion that the internet offers. Having signed to Tru Thouhts after Mr Scruff played his tunes on Juice FM, then switching to Grand Central recordings in 2002, he has taken the art of production and blended it perfectly with live musicianship to bring you the Jon Kennedy band you will hear tonight. Expect deep bass, irresistable grooves and a true musical interaction with the crowd in this DJ/Drummer/Producer's live offering.
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