Videocrash 2 with Hexstatic

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    Hexstatic: live AV Bomb the Bass: live AV DJ Food & DK: live AV VDJ Cheeba: live AV Octavcat: live AV the Beaufort scale: live AV Full Fat: live Subsource: live
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  • After the massive (Soundcrash) AV extravaganza that was Videocrash 1 on the 13th September, we're coming back to Camden's (nee London's) premier venue, with another full-sized cinema screen, another killer line-up and another set of AV exclusives from the best in the business. Audio-visual is what Hexstatic do. And they are unsurpassed in their field. Combining great tunes, and an unbelievable wealth of clips from a variety of sources, ranging from public information films to music videos, underground animations to Disney classics, Stu and Robin match each tune to the most fitting images you could imagine, again and again and again throughout the set. It truly is a feast, for both your eyes and your ears, and for proof check out the new DVD and CD released in December 'Videos Remixes Rarities'. The CD is a treat in itself, including remixes of Coldcut and DJ Kentaro, a DJ Lord Fader turntable megamix, as well as previously unreleased tracks; and the DVD is an awe-inspiring retrospective right back to the early days with Coldcut, through the cut-up classics and right up to the later animation work; What further proof could you ask for that these guys are the masters? It's been 21 years since Bomb the Bass' ‘Beat Dis’ helped usher in the era of sampling, acid house and DJ culture. It's easy to forget how monumental the single was. Going straight to number two in the UK charts, the song's success quickly propelled Simenon from underground DJ to in-demand knobsman. And he's back! But put away that smiley face: this is no nostalgia trip. With ‘Future Chaos’, Tim Simenon revamps his long-running project to produce a record that's fresher than anyone might have expected from an outfit that got its start in the '80s. Tickling tweeters and pushing the limits of low-end, the new album hovers confidently on the cusp between futurism and vintage, boasting the sort of confident song writing that's a rarity anywhere, much less in electronic music. Simenon calls it ‘electronic music with soul’, but that barely begins to describe it. At once lush and chilly, intimate and alien, ‘Future Chaos’ is a synth-rich album, and tonight BTB will be playing a selection of tracks from the album, as well as a retrospective look at their bi-decade spanning career with a fresh, live visual element to the show. Strictly Kev and DK present Solid Steel - the AV version - Now, Listen AND watch. Strictly Kev is the current incarnation of the almost mythical DJ Food project, a moniker that has bedecked such luminaries as Coldcut, and PC (Cinematic Orchestra). DK is producer of Coldcut's 20 year old Solid Steel radio show and DJ of international renown. Tonight will see the second London outing of the pair's AV set using cutting edge technology that we can only pretend to vaguely understand, but judging from the previous show we can definitely appreciate. Octavcat make music using things like computers and old keyboards, and also make videos and pictures to go with their music. Sometimes they like to play their music out of big speakers in front of people and to make pictures move about on a great big screen! DJ Cheeba is a Soundcrash regular and tonight he will be bring us his new AV set which we are very excited about! Full Fat are a heavy band with heavy beats and Subsource's live show is unmissable!
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