Killekill Club: 3 Good Doctors Travelling Revue

  • Agaric (Sweden), Ed Davenport (UK), and Beaner (USA) are The 3 Good Doctors. Having put out records on labels such as We Are, Liebe*Detail, Bar25, Drumcode, District of Corruption, Leftroom (and many more) and playing records for people to dance to for 20+ years collectively, they have all separately proven their mettle. Having recently discovered a natural ease in working and playing together, they decided to create a new traveling event: The 3 Good Doctors' Marvelously Medicinal Traveling Revue. Past affairs have been runs of bendy, moody, afterhour tinged sounds mixed with an ability to make any time feel like peak time. An upcoming limited edition 12" is in the works as are future dates around Europe. For mixes / music / info: Best wishes, The 3 Good Doctors.
  • Killekill Club: 3 Good Doctors Travelling Revue - Flyer front