Digital Tsunami with An-i

  • Another hammer party with dj set from An-I (Cititrax) aka Bad News (L.I.E.S) aka TBD aka The Stallions or just Lee Douglas from Berlin. Douglas Lee grew up listening to punk and hardcore and found himself gaining notoriety as a selector of some merit digging up old jazz and disco tunes whilst participating in the NYC’s burgeoning post-dance music, minimal wave orientated scene of the 00s. Lee released several E.P.s throughout the 00s featuring on NYC’s Rong Music; his collaborative efforts included releasing off-kilter disco and house as ‘TBD’ with Justin Van Der Volgen and disco edits as ‘Stallions’ alongside ESP Institute’s Anrew Hogge. 2012 saw a release as ‘Bad News’ alongside Ron Morelli, a ferocious banger of an E.P. which brought Lee’s punk influences to the fore. ‘An-i’ is Lee’s most recent production project and has seen a joint E.P. released via techno-noiseniks’ Power Vacuum with further release finding the light of day on Veronica Vasicka’s Cititrax. An-i showcases a rhythmic, stripped down form of techno melding the production aesthetics of 80s post-punk and no-wave music alongside the thumping forward momentum of UK industrial techno. Surfing the Digital Tsunami on Dec 05th with records in tow you can expect wild selections facilitated by the experience that only comes from over fifteen years of digging and dancefloor piloting experience gained in cities like Los Angeles, New York and Berlin. Kristopher Hall set up the Brokntoys label with Anwar Dawas in 2013 with core of the label highlighting the weirder, wonkier end of the electro spectrum whilst happily incorporating elements of house & techno along the way. We invite him to share with us his record collection; featuring obscure gems and body-movers Hall will reveal why his label is one to watch closely over the coming months and years. There isn’t much out there on the man Marvel, but rest assured he has a perfect record collection and we wanted to give him a chance to play with some greats. He might be unknown right now, but trust us this man knows his tunes. Ernestas Sadau & Roman Sputnik run the Digital Tsunami outfit and you can see from their run of successful podcasts that the boys know their stuff. Expect a set of noisy cuts from yesteryear, today and tomorrow reaching from Athens to Moscow to New York and out past the moons of Mars to enlighten and entertain your body mind and soul.
  • Digital Tsunami with An-i - Flyer front