DO.G.S. Indoors with John Tejada (Kompakt)

  • DO.G.S. Do the Groove on Sunday Kompakt Day 15.11.15 Kompakt is one of the most brilliant label for eletronic music nowadays. It is located in Colonia (Germany) and it's run by the famous producer and dj Michael Mayer. This label has produced songs made by artists like Jennifer Cardini, Ada, Aril Brikha, DJ Koze, Matias Aguayo, Superpitcher and it has been, since the very beginning, a true guiding light for every dj. With this special event with DOGS, we decided to bring you John Tejada, one of the most representative artist of kompakt , mostly known as the producer of famous songs like "The End of it all". He was able to create an unique style that can do wonders with acid, house, techno and tech/house music. Special guest: John Tejada (Kompakt) Warm up_ Loris LOCATION_ Black Hole Black Room new space Viale Umbria 118 Milano TIME: 18 - 01 COST: 10 € Door Selection ! ! ! N O H E E L S R E C O M M E N D E D ! ! !
  • DO.G.S. Indoors with John Tejada (Kompakt) - Flyer front
    DO.G.S. Indoors with John Tejada (Kompakt) - Flyer back