Histmaskrill In Cultural Caldron, Tallinn, Est

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    1st Stage / 2nd Stage LIVE: Pendle Coven (Modern Love, Boomkat - UK) Kulgurid (Ulmeplaadid) Milla (harsh noise) Vinyl music: MLZ aka Miles Whittaker DJ-set (Modern Love, Boomkat - UK) Aivar Tõnso (Ulmeplaadid) Kaur Kareda p0rt (konverter) ZaR'QWoN Taavi Ilves Chill Jantsek O0oOo0O0o
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  • Admission: 100 OR 125/150 EEK (with flayer before OR after midnight / without flayer) All over 65 years old, have free admission after presenting their ID. Address is: Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn, Estonia. Entrance from the yard, behind the chimney. On the next day after event there is organized a small chat-room with Pendle Coven, where next to a tea will be talks on various subjects, such as music, mastering, Ableton and also will be shown some videos. Workshop is for all with preregistering: [email protected] FREE
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  • Histmaskrill In Cultural Caldron, Tallinn, Est - Flyer front