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    live : solale (feedelity / oslo - norway) djs: Baris K (s.o.a.p. system / istanbul - turkey) relatif yann (non è possibilé / radio grenouille / mars) Phred ( non è possibilé / La dame noir / mars) parties fines Djs (marseille)
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  • solale is feedelity's first lady, her voice has been haunting lindstrom's retro-fururistic productions from the studio to the stage. The combination of the super producer beats with his singer's incantations is bringing a deep obsessional vibe to their music. On stage solale is singing over this slow paced disco, making it sounds like voodoo. turkey has a long unknwon disco background, this music was huge their in late 70's and baris k is the heritage. baris k is a well known producer in the nu disco scene, he's been coming to france twice this year. 1st was in "hush hush" in marseille for a "kulte" party and in "paris paris" with dirty soundsystem, then the 2nd one was this summer for "fmr" party. "parties fines" will be starting it with a deviant pop intro and "non è possibilé" will share the show with the main guests. the party is taking place in a huge 600m² open space with a great accoustic. Expect back to back and collaboration between the artists, clear as ice vodka and dark galactic disco.
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