Novi Disko with Richard Sen

  • MUSIC POLICY: Nu Disco / Funk / Electro / House Graffiti artist Richard Sen has been DJing since 1989 starting with a residency at the legendary Crazy Club at The Astoria. Ecstacy, Acid House and frequent trips to New York, visiting his heroes at Nu Groove and Strictly Rhythm and searching for Chicago obscurities gave Richard the house music bug. He is known for his production outfits Padded Cell and Bronx Dogs. He has released many singles, 2 albums and a compilation ‘Powercuts’ for BMG Recs. Highlights of his career include: Heavenly Social residency 1998-2000, ‘DJ of the Month’ FACE 1998, being nominated for ‘Best New DJ’ MUZIK AWARDS 1998. He has featured in many style/music magazines including Sleaze Nation, Jockey Slut, DJ, IDJ, NME and The Wire. He was also a key influence on the 80’s underground graffiti movement in the UK (and also one of the first to be sent to prison for graffiti!) and appeared in the BBC television documentary Open Space ‘Bad Meaning Good’ in 1987. His artwork has also graced the record covers of Sabres of Paradise (‘Smokebelch’ and ‘Theme’). A full interview on his graffiti and music work can be seen in the June 2005 issue of Undercover magazine. Richard now records with partner Neil Beatnik under the name Padded Cell and are signed to DC Recordings and have an album due for release May 2008. Sen's own solo remixes for Cosmo Vitteli and Tirk will be released in 2008 also In keeping with the attitude from his graffiti background, Richard’s DJ style is totally unique and it’s important for him not to be pigeonholed. He has played big room electro/techno sets alongside DJs like Derrick May and Weatherall at Fabric. He can also play crazy eclectic sets including psyched out rock, leftfield cosmic funk and disco, newave/electro oddities and early house obscurities.
  • Novi Disko with Richard Sen - Flyer front
    Novi Disko with Richard Sen - Flyer back