'scruffy_hoodlum' Dubstep Boat Rave.

  • Venue
    • Temple Pier; Embankment; London WC2R 2PN; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Sat, 20 Dec 20088:00pm - 3:00am.
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  • Attending
    • 1
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    Afterdark, Orien, Fused Forces, Vista, Militant, Syte, Rema Dee, Killer Kombat (DnB Set). Mc's: S-Dot, Sun Of Selah, G-Double, Skanker.
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  • The 1st Scruffy_Hoodlum event is being held on a moored up boat on the river thames. No dress code and drinks can be taken upstairs on deck to the smoking area. The boat is also just 2 minutes walk from Temple underground station.
  • 'scruffy_hoodlum' Dubstep Boat Rave. - Flyer front