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  • Its time for the next installment of after dark kaleidoscopic entertainment, and late night sleaze .W’ere not big fans of NYE so we are going to down-size to a intimate,limited capacity (300),friends and family,”all back to mine” type of affair with our residents and very special guests and deliver a killer party that reverberates throughout the year ahead and sets the tone for all the good stuff to come. To give the party that NNP twist ,it’s going to take place midweek and 14 days after NYE in the Shoreditch meets NYC venue East Village to compliment our special guests from the big apple. Welcome to Neon Noise Project’s “Anti NYE Party ‘’ a two floored, limited capacity (300) mid week party with very special guests from NYC Fischerspooner and our residents JBAG (Jerry Bouthier & Andrea Gorgerino) Warming up the basement is Durr resident the Lovely Jonjo whilst the lounge bar is occupied by London club culture leaders Don’t Panic with djs,Warboy,ISA GT and Joe Roberts. Straddling genres in art and entertainment Fischerspooner we feel once again are the perfect guests that represents what the NNP stands for ..brilliantly eclectic,colourful,forward-thinking and adventurous.NNP will be the Fischerspooner’s first DJ set in UK club land for nearly 5 years and were mega excited to have Casey Spooner & Lauren Flax on the sliders in such a small intimate venue.Their recent release “The Best Revenge “on Kitsune have seen the guys back at there best. Fischerspooner is an art and performance project created and helmed by Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner that makes music, dance, fashion, film and photography.The live Fischerspooner project is renowned for outsider pop shows bursting with stage effects presented in both art galleries and traditional concert venues. They have released two full-length albums of music that focus on a punked-up digital party record trussed with conceptual lyrics; and odyssey, a rich emotional fantasia with a deep, expansive sounds, Self-releasing the music at first, Fischerspooner amassed a dedicated international following during the heady first flowering of the digital music era. White labels and an underground vinyl release with Dj Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo records positioned them as a figurehead of the burgeoning electro movement ,intense press attention later led to a record deal with Ministry of Sound, which drove “Emerge” into the UK Top 40………lights,colour,sound and dance,see you on the floor.
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