The Doctor's Orders 25

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    Jehst, Kashmere, & Jack Flash performing live Spin Doctor, DJ IQ & The Launch Jungle Room with The Jungle Ambassadors: Terry T and Souljah Mixmaster Max, Staf, Croe, Fabroq, Kred, Handy & hosts Cowboy Ranger & MC-CD
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  • New Years Eve is always the same old story. You get over charged for your tickets, you queue for hours in the cold to get into an overcrowded venue, where the staff, sound system and DJs can not quite deal with the number of people packed in. What’s the solution? Well it’s simple really chill for a couple of extra days and then grab your mates, put on your dancing shoes and come down to The Doctor’s Orders Not New Year’s Eve Party where you will be welcomed like old friends, will pay a credit crunch busting £6 and be treated to the finest party sounds around on one of London’s best club systems. As ever the downstairs is blessed with a phenomenal line up of Hip-Hop’s finest. As far as MCs go there will not be a better selection of UK talent blessing any stage throughout the festive period. Jehst is the daddy of the group, with 3 successful albums under his belt he is something of a veteran of studio and stage and never fails to deliver in either. Joining him is Kashmere. As the name suggests this is one smooth customer who is a dynamo with the mic in his hand no matter what the topic. The baby of the bunch is End of the Weak battle winner Jack Flash who’s debut album “The Union Jack” is the most exciting piece of UK Hip-Hop to be heard in years. Providing them with the beats to their rhymes and blessing the dance-floor to one of his typically energetic and technical sets is DJ IQ. Having won the under 18 DMC championships he has traveled the world as DJ for Jehst and in his own right wowing crowds wherever he goes. As ever, ensuring the party is exactly that, is Spin Doctor who treats this night like his personal playground making sure he and his friends new and old make the most of break time. Upstairs this month we have a first at The Doctor’s Orders and asked one of London’s finest purveyors of old school Jungle parties to host the second room. Our thinking was that, when feeling a little jaded after a heavy festive period, what better way to kick off the new year than with one of the most genuine party sounds of the past 20 years? Over the last year and a half Launch has established itself as the go to Drum and Bass party for people who like to have fun. Headlining for Launch are The Jungle Ambassadors: Terry T & Souljah the men behind some of Jungle’s classic and definitive anthems, including “Be Free” which reached number 44 in the charts in 1993. In 1994 “I Bring You The Future” was produced under the “Noise Factory” alias becoming a massive hit considered by many to be a critical influence in bringing the Jungle sound to the world’s attention. Everything changed in 1995 when Terry T produced the genre redefining ragga jungle smash hit “Fire” reaching number 33 on the UK Charts and creating the blueprint for the vocal jungle sound. Possibly the most recognizable jungle song of all time it has seen the rewind from the UK, to Canada, the US, Japan and even as far across the globe as New Zealand and Australia. With later work on his Knowledge & Wisdom label and alongside Rebel MC as engineer for Congo Natty it is far to say these boys truly are The Jungle Ambassadors. The rest of the line up speaks for itself, as we bring you the finest in underground radio DJs to bring unleash the hottest jungle sounds.
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