Athos And Friends

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    • Via Isacco Newton, 52100 Arezzo (AR), Italy
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    Fri, 19 Dec 200800:00pm - 4:30am
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    Daniele Papini (Meganite Ibiza|Alchemy|Systematic|DE) Gabry Fasano (Meganite Ibiza|Alchemy|IT) Athos (Meganite Ibiza|Alchemy|IT) Warm Up: Niro & Tasco back to back (Klang|IT)
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  • Daniele Papini: Daniele has a passion for music and this is evident when you first meet him. This man lives and breathes music so much that his home is just one big studio. Daniele started Djing in his early 90’s and quickly gained a residency in several clubs in Florence in the late 90’s. Soon after he secured guest DJ slots at many clubs around Europe. His passion for DJing and music soon turned into a want to produce and after a chance meeting with Alen Sforzina in Croatia founded the GraFit Project (which is still going to this day). Their first collaborations were released on Italian labels like Urban Mantra and German labels such as Stadtwald and Toneman. In 2004 he retired from djing in order to concentrate on his work in the studio. During this period, walking through the backyards of techno music, Daniele met Italian DJ and producer, Riccardo Ferri who in turn introduced him to Italian superstar Mauro Picotto and the Alchemy Records family. Alchemy became his home from home and provided the perfect platform and the best environment for his music. His productions fitted in exactly with the techno influenced sounds being released on Picotto and Ferri’s label. In 2006 Mauro Picotto asked Daniele to join the Meganite crew as a DJ, despite knowing Daniele had hung up his headphones. Daniele agreed and his DJ career once again took off and he was performing all over the world again touring with the Meganite brand. Over the last 5 years Meganite has become a well respected brand, not only in its home in Ibiza but worldwide and Daniele has been at the forefront of their parties. The end of this year has seen Daniele venture out of his hometown of Berlin to some massive stages from Planet Love festival in Ireland to the Helvetia Music Festival in Brazil with many more parties to come… Gabry Fasano: Gabry Fasano's career starts with the expansion of house music in europe in 1988. The same year, after his first summer spent in Ibiza, he starts playing in the underground circuit in private villa parties around Florence, leading the development of the electronic music scene in the following years. Since 1990, as a pioneer he leads the way playing in the first house clubs in Italy, such as Kamakama, Insomnia and Jaiss bringing them to the top of the disco scene in Italy for more than ten years. In the year 2000 he becomes also resident in Cocorico' in Riccione, and in 2002 he joins Mauro Picotto's family, Meganite, playing alongside international stars in several Meganite parties in many countries including Switzerland, Scotland, England, Ireland, USA, and Colombia. Since 2004 he is resident at the Meganite party at Privilege in Ibiza. Since 2006 he plays regularly in Tenax, Florence. Athos: Born in Florence, he began his career of DJ in the '90s playing from the beginning in the best Italian clubs becoming even more popular. His music leads him to most importan Techno parties and clubs of Europe, passing through various electronic sounds. Athos has been also a guest at Puerto Vallarta's Festival in Mexico, and today he works permanently with the Meganite Ibiza at Privilege, the biggest club in the world. In the recent years with Alchemy Records, led by Riccardo Ferri and Mauro Picotto, he has produced: Reset Controllers on Primevil, On The Run on Alchemy, Element A, Element B, Element C, and Element Series always on Alchemy.
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