Meandyou. vs That Amazing Thing

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    meandyou. residents Vs. That Amazing Thing! residents.
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  • NEW YEARS EVE 2008 THE SOUP KITCHEN 31-33 Spear Street Stephenson Square Manchester meandyou. vs. That Amazing Thing Advance Tickets £6 or 08700600700 £10 on the door 2008 has seen meandyou. go from riches to rags since we opened our doors back in August. For those that have made a meandyou. this year we thank you, for those that haven't yet there's more to come in 2009. Alas, to close this year and welcome another we've decided to put on a party in the soup kitchen alongside "That Amazing Thing" What to expect.... ...erm... Expect choice cuts from both party residents selecting only the most appropriate grooves. We've managed to sort out the bar this time too so no ticket business. Doors 8pm til..... potentially we can keep partying as long as there's sufficient numbers skulking around. There's rumours of a few special dj's turning up to come for a cameo spin but we'll see, new years eve is always a mad one to figure out. Oh also the soup kitchen is a small venue hence the price being £6 if you get them in advance. Please try and do this, but no pressure £10 on the door. Still good. We shall be releasing our 2009 line ups, oh gosh. Hope to see you there, happy new year.
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