The Last Japan 4 For 2008

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    Fdel, Ben Mac, Philly, Mono Lisa and Lyndon
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  • Japan 4 Saturday 27 December 2008 Ambar Niteclub Doors Open at 10pm It’s been quite a year for Japan 4; with records being smashed, awards being won and award winning DJs. With countless additions adding the cherry to what is already an ice cream sundae with the lot; including Hyper, Sampology, Dopamine and James Taylor, the quality has gone somewhere from fizzle to somewhere above ka-whizzle. The last Japan 4 for ’08 is sure to set the heart racing, and a perfect culmination of all your energies after Christmas with the family, Breakfest with your Boomtick family and the Breakfest After Party with your breakbeat family. We all know the best place to be this, the last weekend of 2008!
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