Vault: Byoosik, Opening set by Pink0

  • Byoosik co-founded VAULT with the intention of building an experience, built on the foundation of some of the finest dance vibes, inspired by Berlin, but unique on its own for Boston. She's been reserved opening for our featured guests, but now hear what Byoosik is really about. Pink0 (KC Mackey) will be opening for Byoosik with a two hour VINYL set. With serious vinyl chops and superb selection skills, Pink0 has been moving underground dancefloors all over Boston---Scanners, Pink Noise, Social Studies, to name a few. She also founded the dance party and fundraiser ResisDance, supporting Black and Pink. Keep a close eye on this rising star---if you don't know her now, you definitely will very soon! This will be a powerhouse night. Bring a new shirt with you, and get ready to sweat on the dance floor. No Dress Code. Freedom to Be. Dance Vibes.
  • Vault: Byoosik, Opening set by Pink0 - Flyer front