Stay Psychedelic, Psy-Collaboration

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    • 6 Upper York Street; Bristol, BS2 8QN, United Kingdom
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    Stage of Lightness: John Phantasm (Phantasm Records/UK) [] Stellar Magnitude Live (Mystic Arts Event/PL) [] Sonicwave Live (Stay Psychedelic/PL) Nois (Aspect Of Valour/PL) Hardy (Stay Psychedelic/PL) [] Stage of Darkness: Alien Bug Live (Staypsychedelic/PL) [] Mantodea (Psiber Native/PL) d3x (Stay Psychedelic/IE) [] Wyrzyk (Stay Psychedelic/PL) Pixel (Stay Psychedelic/PL) Direa (Acid Bros/IE) Goa/Chill Stellar Magnitude Live (Mystic Arts Event/PL) [] Seismic Activity Live (Stay Psychedelic/PL) [] Dragon (Stay Psychedelic/PL) [] Wyrzyk (Stay Psychedelic/PL) d3x (Stay Psychedelic/IE) [] Direa (Acid Bros/IE) Visuals: Insidelamp (Stay Psychedelic/Divine Music Tribe/PL) [] Spiralboy (Stay Psychedelic/PL) Laser show: MacieY (Stay Psychedelic/ Decors: Spiralboy (Stay Psychedelic/PL) [] Przemek Kryszk (Stay Psychedelic/PL) Amalthea (Stay Psychedelic/PL)
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