Magic Door

  • Magic Door returns for a mystical woodland edition this winter at Boxxed. Lots of bizarre and wonderful things planned but without giving too much away we can confirm its going to a bit mystical & a bit woody! + Magic Door Crafty Girls + GoD (Guardian of Door) & The Devil + Glitter, face paint, wigs, headbands, feathers, moustaches, capes, masks + all manner props & disguises + Magic Door photo booth + Lots of random paraphernalia + Full Magic Door make over venue production Music: Deep – Spookyhouse - Discotechno £10 + b/f (early birds), £12 + b/f (2nd release), £15 + b/f (3rd release), £18 + b/f (4th release), £20 + b/f (final release) motd
  • Magic Door - Flyer front