Sian (Pokerflat)Manto (The Minge)

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    Sian (Pokerflat), Manto (The Minge).
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  • Born in Dublin, lives and works lives in Berlin, Sian has made notable records for Aus,Pokerflat,Karmarouge,Dessous and has been remixed by Gui Boratto,Steve Bug,Efdemin,Roland Appel and Sweet n Candy. Expect a wild DJ sets and a unique techno flair behind the decks as he returns to Dublin for this Lunch Box gig. We simply aim to have a regular Thursday night party with a massive package varying weekly with a mixture of house, disco, dubstep, electronic and techno music from some familiar names and to new ones. With our choice of venue we hope to attract the right people to Lunch Box. People that go there for the music and to party with like-minded people. We wont play the big obvious tunes, what's the point, there's already a glut of repetitive student nights around the city but we do aim to create our own kind of hedonism that will follow the Lunch Box sound. Pratzky, Vodka & Rockstar & other selected drinks are only €3.50 / Entrance is a tasty €5.