Subculture feat Secretsundaze

  • SECRETSUNDAZE // "Secretsundaze has changed the face of daytime clubbing” (Time Out). A bold statement but after 7 years hosting arenas and secret parties worldwide and still gaining serious momentum, its hard to argue otherwise. Secretsundaze is the brainchild of residents and promoters Giles Smith and James Priestley and was set up to offer people a fresh alternative to conventional clubbing. Their first slew of parties were after hour affairs and the innovative approach to venues and fresh take on house and techno started making waves around Shoreditch, word started spreading all over London then further afield. As international interest escalated they have made a big impact in Europe with highly memorable daytime / outdoor parties in Ibiza, Barcelona, Berlin, Croatia and Austria’s Snowbombing festival. Over the years they have had some of the world's finest underground DJ's from Ame to Carl Craig to South American heroes Villalobos and Luciano (who both personally asked asked to play at the party) . All this time Giles and James have pushed not only the big names but up and coming artists like Matthias Tanzmann, Shinedoe, Kabale Und Liebe and Dorian Paic. They continue to bring the Secretsundaze sound to car parks, festivals, beer gardens or anywhere they can get a party going. This guerilla ethos has made it the benchmark for UK daytime clubbing and has lead to a lot of similar parties springing up everywhere. Both Giles and James play worldwide, release on labels like Dessous, Simple, 20 20 vision and Compost and their second mix album is just out. Moreover they continue to keep what makes Secretsundaze so special by having the best parties in the weirdest of places. After rave reviews of there appearance at ' Never get out the Boat' we know this is going to be a big one. ///ESSENTIAL INFO Subculture @ Sub Club, Glasgow, 22 Jamaica St, Glasgow G41 4QD T: 0141 248 4600
  • Subculture feat Secretsundaze - Flyer front