Lose Your Shit vs Brooklyn Wonderland

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    $mall ¢hange, DJ Stylus, DJ Stone, Superfamily, Phenomenal Hand Clap Band
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  • These two parties have existed in the underground and have generated new expectations, new dancers, new participants. Both parties created out of necessity rather than ego. The door is straightforward and everything else is just good: music, performers, crowd. This party brings these two crews together and promises to supply little perfect moments surrounded with darkness, music, and art. DeeJays: $mall ¢hange DJ Stylus DJ Stone Superfamily Plus... Special Live Performance by Phenomenal Hand Clap Band Percussion: Ray Boogie MC: Nachy Bless Dancing: Avant Go-Go Visuals: Glass Bead Collective $10 Cover/ RSVP for guaranteed admission to: http://www.loseyourshit.com
  • Lose Your Shit vs Brooklyn Wonderland - Flyer front