\Dekonstrukcionez presents: Rave de/Vilment

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    The Nihilist, Alien Hand, Dj Father Fintan Stack
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  • WHERE WERE U IN 92?.Was the question asked by Zomby's first full-length album. Rave de/Vilment Night will be demanding answers to that question, with a tribute to the 90’s rave scene and a sonic vivisection of garage, breakbeat, hardcore, jungle, house and techno. With opening audiovisual exorcisms by DJ FATHER FINTAN STACK, followed by the digital blessings of ALIEN HAND and final DJ mass proclaimed by THE almighty NIHILIST. Meanwhile Frosty btb Cormy will strike terror as you light your ciggies in the terrace area. Stay rave and feel free to dress 2 impress - remember, it's Halloween! Keep it un/reel! de/product may include a €5 entry fee, drink promotions and DJs showing no mercy.
  • \Dekonstrukcionez presents: Rave de/Vilment - Flyer front
    \Dekonstrukcionez presents: Rave de/Vilment - Flyer back