Ctm.09 - Bright Tomorrow & Molecule Rainbow

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    Main Hall: Bright Tomorrow DJ N>E>D, Micachu & The Shapes, Tim Exile, Jon Hopkins, Fuck Buttons, Kim Hiorthøy It’s pop music, but not as we know it. Tonight, it looks like something wild and unhinged. Many-stranded, incantatory and utterly danceable: a line-up of the best and weirdest explorations in pop’s progressive, tumultuous, bright future. 2nd Stage: Molecule Rainbow DJ Markus Detmer, mudboy, Lucky Dragons, Oren Ambarchi New psychedelics and minimalist drone continue to be more current than they have been for a long time. Particularly fresh mixtures are now coming from the USA and captivate listeners through the ease with which they bring together enthusiasm for experimentation and delightful Pop gestures. However, there are also elsewhere those who operate successfully between spiritual ritual and consciousness expanding flow.
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