CTM.09 - Howl Of The Owl & Raster-Noton.Rhythm_screen

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    Main Hall: Howl of the Owl Lichens, Monno, Attila Csihar "Void of Voices", thenor, Asva 2nd Stage: Raster-Noton.Rhythm_Screen Frank Bretschneider, Byetone, NHK, Alva Noto
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  • This evening traces a line from the Delta-blues of the 30s, to the psychedelic improvisations and the minimal music of the 60s, prog-rock and apocalyptic folk, to the cathartic sound storm of drone doom. Here, dark realism is paired with refined imagination, romanticism of nature with occult esoteric, individualistic ethos with the search for transcendence and the sublime. Spanned both musically and spiritually between animism, the black magic of the Middle Ages, Christian mysticism, age-old folk songs, the dandyism of the Fin de Si'cle, Robert Johnson's "Devil Blues", the down-tuned riffs of Black Sabbath, Venom's satanic spectacles, the radical paganism of Norwegian black metal, free jazz, John Fahey's American Primitivism, Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising, the transcendent drones of a La Monte Young, the psychedelics of Velvet Underground, the dark spirituality of Current 93, black americana, the ritualistic improvisations of weird folk and the sub-sonic excesses of drone doom, is a vast and difficult to measure network of affiliations, alliances and inspirations. 2nd Stage: Raster-Noton.Rhythm_Screen Frank Bretschneider, Byetone, NHK, Alva noto Especially for CTM.09, Raster-Noton, the renowned Chemnitz based media-music-smithy around Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender, presents the first version of rhythm_screen, a performance space in which sound, light and architecture are united into an overall concept.