Ctm.09 - Frictions & Netlabel Meeting Pt.2 - Netaudio

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    Main Hall: Frictions Minibloc, Artificiel "Process" feat. Martin Tétreault, Stefan Németh & Steven Hess, Martin Tétreault & Michel Langevin, Mika Vainio Frictions explores this encounter in sounds, images and performance, with a special interest in the performative aspect of the public concert. In this sense, the artists’ performances are exemplary: they are unique in the way the artists physically engage with their instrument, be it a turntable, a mixing board, a table full of unusual objects used to create sounds or a drum kit. 2nd Stage: Netlabel-Meeting Pt. 2 – Netaudio Ollie Bown, Spatial, Norman Fairbanks, Dr. Nojoke & J-Lab & Servando Barreiro, Chris Box vs. Cotumo Part two of CTM.09's Netlabel-Meeting: Netaudio Berlin and Netaudio London present an evening of networked music: a programme inspired by netlabels, Creative Commons, digital production tools, web 2.0 and free culture with highlights from past, present and future Netaudio Festivals, held in annual rotation between Berlin and London.
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