Ctm.09 - Atak Night 4 & Netlabelmeeting Pt.1 - Stfu

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    Main Hall: ATAK Night 4 Evala, Yasunao Tone, Keiichiro Shibuya, Pan Sonic After his acclaimed performance at last year's edition, Japanese artist Keiichiro Shibuya has been invited to put together a program under the umbrella of his label and media lab ATAK: a night with leading artists of electronic music and audio-visual performance. Second Stage: Netlabel-Meeting Pt. I – STFU Tilmann Ehrhorn, El Fog, NQ, Benjamin Brunn, Wesen & Opuswerk, Deer/Palac, Quip On the first netlabel meeting at CTM.09, the international collective STFU presents the finest of electronic music between intricate clicks'n'cuts, glitch, and the newest beat constructions from clubland.
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