Intosomething presents In To? with Oslo Records

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    Johnny D - Live, Nekes – Live (both Oslo Records), Felver (Stereo Studio), Intosomething crew
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  • INTOSOMETHING presents »IN TO?« Traditional pre-X-mas year wrap-up by IntoSomethinG crew with Oslo Records Both guest DJs started their careers as ZOO parties promotes and then progressed slowly towards DJ-ing and producing. Johnny – D is currently the brightest star in the deep-house solar system. He mainly performs as a live act because he likes the challenge and wishes in the future to perform with an orchestra. His third album "Orbitalife" has been released in March 2008 and his name stands firmly among the pioneers of the new wave of house music. His sound is distinctive in a very sophisticated way due to the pure house elements he uses. Without any un-necessary effects he manages to bring the melody to a perfect wholesomeness. (Discr)editors in chief: IntoSomethinG, Montage: Vj Log + LynoLeum, Design: Nina V, Photography: Marta L, Text: Katarina H.
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