Elektroakustischer Salon: Monolake presents Atom

  • ATOM ist eine Multimedia-Performance von Robert Henke (Monolake) und Christopher Bauder(ein Medienkünstler und Designer), bei der 64 Gasballons, Licht und Sound zu einem musikalisch-visuellem Zusammenspiel finden. Bisher wurde ATOM unter anderem auch im Pariser Centre Pompidou aufgeführt, die Youtube-Clips versprechen ein bisher noch nicht gesehenes Spektakel, bei dem sich die von innen leuchtenden Ballons als atomare Musikbauteile synchron zur Musik bewegen und leuchten –oder auch nicht. Robert Henke : Atom / Document www.monolake.de/releases/icm-07.html In 2007 I designed the music and LED patterns for a performance for a matrix of 64 helium balloons, called Atom. Atom is a collaborative performance between Christopher Bauder, who built the matrix, and me who contributes the music and the LED patterns during the show. After a quite successful performance at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in April this year I decided to rework the music as a CD album release. However, I completely underestimated the task, of transforming music that works for a multimedia concert into something that works on CD, but I did not give up and learned a lot. It took almost seven month from the initial idea to the finished product, and it became a release which I am very, very proud of. It's the most serious work I've done so far, and while I assume it is 'difficult' music in parts, I am happy with the result, since I was very much forced to expand my musical horizon and I went thru this without watering down my original concept. The finished product is ready now, and should be available in the shops soon. The next Atom performance is planned for January 2009 at Berghain, Berlin. This would also be the record release party for the Atom/Document album. However, Berghain is almost too small for that performance, and we are still working on a way to get the needed seven meter air space above the balloons over the dancefloor.
  • Elektroakustischer Salon: Monolake presents Atom - Flyer front