Mister Halloween Night: Leap of Faith

  • Hey there. Tickets are completely sold out for this party, and there won't be any available at the door. If you're still holding on to hope for a ticket, the only way to get one is through RA's resale system. The RA resale system allows ticket purchasers to repost a ticket for sale through this page. If someone posts their ticket for resale, it will appear here as if tickets are on sale as usual. (If you see tickets available, buy them fast!) If you have purchased a ticket a need to pass it on, remember that ticket transfers outside of RA's official ticket exchange aren't allowed. We do this to keep the price the same for everyone. Here's information on the resale system: http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=25747 The ticket resale system closes at 3pm on the day of the party. Once the system closes, it won't be possible to buy or sell a ticket anymore. Okay! On with the show! _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ It's Halloween. This year, as we searched high and low to find a home for our annual Halloween bash, our theme was essentially brought to us on a silver platter: the space we found is the secret old Sunday School room of a church, complete with stained glass windows, a perfect patina on the walls and some renaissance-style painting of your favorite holy people. And so we bring you… Mister Halloween Night: Leap of Faith, a party in which you get to dress up in costumes of biblical proportion in order to be filled with the spirit on the dance floor. Deacon TJ Ryan will adorn the room in love and light (from a disco ball), and Reverend Eamon Harkin and Pastor Justin Carter will bring the sacraments (vinyl sacraments, of course) to get you running up and down the aisles. Advance tickets are a must (only ticket purchasers will receive the address to our place of worship), and in-theme costumes are required to come inside. (An “I’m with Jesus” hat doesn’t count unless you’re in full trucker regalia.) If you wanna go scary, think The Exorcist, The Omen, The Prophecy or any number of other films that start with the word “The” and end with a spooky, semi-religious word; and if you wanna go lighthearted, think Flying Nun or Whoopi Goldberg from Sister Act. As you could probably imagine, the church of Mister is Universalist Unitarian, so feel free to think beyond Catholics and Baptists. Magic underwear, L. Ron Hubbard, muti-armed Shivas and any other religious nods you want to make are fine by us. Hell, you can even dress up as Kanye West. The doors of the church open at 8pm, and we end our services at 2am (it is really a church after all), so plan accordingly. Peace be with you.
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