Further Future 002

  • “Great music is timeless, it comes in all genres, and does not necessarily correlate to popularity. There is so much amazing music that passes us by. Further Future’s goal is to provide a platform to share this music that you rarely get to see in a live format in one place. Our programming is curated to accentuate your moods and emotions throughout the day and night” - Jason Swamy, Further Future’s Creative Director and the Music Mastermind behind Robot Heart. A musically sensational phenomenon, Further Future assembles a collective of globalists, avant-gardists and expressionists, converging luminous minds to give rise to a cross breeding of otherworldly ideas and cutting edge talents in science, technology, music and the arts. Innovation, connection and vision germinate and blossom spontaneously and organically against the backdrop of a vast desert-scape and open sky. Over three days from April 29 to May 01, 2016, the portal to Further Future will reopen on the majestic desert beyond Las Vegas. Founded by like-minded global creatives and the brains behind Robot Heart, Further Future invites the inner child in you to unleash your creative potential, to open your heart and to co-create a beautiful world beyond the mind. Imagine. Feel. Manifest. Tickets and Ticket Classes Further Future is a community built around our shared sense of wonder, exploration and discovery. To access tickets to Further Future, you will need your own unique invite code; we can only make the future we need if we are all invested in and engaged on this journey together! To obtain a ticket purchase code, please contact us by private Facebook message. All tickets to the event carry the same rights and privileges. Everyone is VIP in the Future Future - the lower price points will sell out first, so don't wait! All tickets will be mailed (North America only) to your address provided when you purchase your tickets. PLEASE NOTE: As of the 1st of October 2015 all ticket categories will be subject to a 9% Nevada Entertain tax surcharge. See you in the Further Future. #FF002
  • Further Future 002 - Flyer front