Krankbrother present Arts Emergency

  • On Sunday 15 November, krankbrother are putting on a 100% fundraising event - with all proceeds donated to Arts Emergency. This wonderful charity supports under privileged children in East London (Hackney and Tower Hamlets in particular), by providing them a helping hand to get into the arts (music, art, fashion, TV/Radio etc). krankbrother have been living and working in Hackney for many years, and have always felt a strong sense of gratitude for the opportunities that have arisen from living here. However, Hackney and Tower Hamlets remain two of the poorest boroughs in the UK with disparity in wealth across the boroughs being greater than ever. Funding for all arts and humanities subjects at schools and universities has been severely slashed in recent years - meaning that gaining access to career paths like music, art, fashion & TV is very difficult for young people from under privileged backgrounds. Arts Emergency provide an alternative for children and teenagers by working to keep the Arts and Culture open to everyone. Through their nurturing programmes, they are helping scores of young people in East London to pursue their dreams in the Arts. Everyone has pulled together to make this event a success - every DJ is playing for free, there is NO FREE GUESTLIST,, Resident Advisor are helping hugely and there are many others. All proceeds from this event will do DIRECT to Arts Emergency, and being a very small charity, the proceeds of this event will have a huge impact on helping to create opportunities for young people in Arts & Culture in London. Now it's up to you to do your bit - buy a ticket, bring your friends, spread the word - and let's dance our asses off and raise some cash in the process! Ps. WE HAVE SOME VERY SPECIAL GUESTS!!!
  • Krankbrother present Arts Emergency - Flyer front