Die Seligen Augenblicke mit Arma

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  • There is no reason to stay home. At our place you can dance to some nice vibes, enjoy some good drinks or play ping pong all nite. At Promenaden Eck you can expect warm colors and a nice decor - wood, and interesting ceiling features and a daily DJ line-up on one main floor during the week and two floors on the weekend. Mostly berlin-based artists playing on a well designed music system, so whenever it's a techno or soft jazzy vibe, it's well received. With its painted walls and with love to the details, Promenaden Eck is the right address to make your night special and play Ping Pong. At the bar you can enjoy a fancy cocktail with some good house vibes or dance all night long. Located in the heart of Schillerkiez/Neukolln, close to U-Boddinstrasse it''s open daily with free entrance..
  • Die Seligen Augenblicke mit Arma - Flyer front