CTM.09 Vs RA: Audictive & Sweat Shack

  • Main Hall: Audictive Rhythms seeded by a promiscuous multiplicity of sources. Diverse elements – deep house, jazz, experiences, stories, emotions – selected and incubated in the hard drives and record boxes of tonight’s line-up presented in a joint effort with Resident Advisor, turned into heady, polymorphic funk and served up in salvos of habit-forming atomization. The techno arc has swung into inclusiveness and the sweaty multiplicities of funk and groove that are celebrated tonight reveal each artist delving deep into musical and personal history. Love, rejection, hunger, pain, joyfulness all funnelled into the mix. Samples and sources from everywhere are nebulised into rhythm and sound that lures you in with focus, momentum, tension and the warmth of emotional connection. Sweat Shack Born of a meeting between Zombie Disco Squad and Beatproviders, the Sweatshack project debuts at this year's club transmediale. Sweatshack seeks to represent the new-school of modern House music. Criminally underexposed and hugely groundbreaking, this new movement of artists, DJs and producers consistently pushes the boundaries of what can be done with such a tried and tested musical formula.