Gottwood Festival 2016

  • Welcome to Gottwood 2016, the 7th Chapter in the Gottwood story. The mystical little party hidden in the middle of the woods. Gottwood is an independent, boutique, and very intimate underground electronic festival… We have decided not to increase the size of the festival, but we will be opening more stages (in some very interesting places) and our lineup will be more encompassing then ever before. THUMP - Is Gottwood The Most Beautiful Party in Britain? Resident Advisor - 'Nearly perfect mix of ingredients, and long may it continue so.' Stamp The Wax - 'A diamond in the Welsh countryside. Fairytale setting and 4 days of outstanding music.' Mixmag - 'One of the Top 10 most breathtaking festival locations in The World - sunsets and sunrises that are something of legend.' CRACK - 'Picturesque confines [with] the best that dance music has to offer' Hyponik - 'The perfect festival is one that transcends space and time, where real and imaginary worlds collide, and where friends for life are made. All of this is possible at Gottwood.'
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