Tech-Park 2009 'The Build Up' Launch 'revisited'

  • Join the ‘Techno Revolution’ Join Fizterofosy-Tech Productions as we re-launch Tech-Park 2009 ‘The Build Up’. Tech-Park 2009 ‘The Build Up’ is a series of events set to continue throughout 2009, ending with the finale late next year; Tech-Park 2009 itself! This series of events has been created to assist Ireland in moving away from its somewhat conservative ways; to make space for the development of the genre and the overall passion and skill that is involved with such, and to allow for and encourage the younger generation to take on a healthy and very positive skill that holds within it, passion, creativity and great artistic measure. The overall cause of the Tech-Park 2009 series is to make Techno in Ireland, more acceptable, respectable and most of accessible to DJ’s, enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Support the Techno Revolution and join us at; ‘The Loft’, Electric Avenue, Waterford. With some of Waterford’s top DJ’s kicking off the series; Diarmaid O’Meara – Gobsmacked Records Alan Harris – Re-Tech Luke Creed – Gobsmacked Records 12 TH Dec, ‘The Loft’ Electric Avenue Doors – 10.30 ‘til Late Tickets 8 euro – Limited Availability Don’t Miss Out! Tech-Park 2009 ‘The Build Up’ “Bringing The Music Home” Sign teh petiiton and support the 'Techno Revoltuioon' at It's all about the Music!
  • Tech-Park 2009 'The Build Up' Launch 'revisited' - Flyer front