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  • Hello WANGers OMG Do we have a corker of an NYE party planned for you! We're completely beside ourselves with excitement with the all of the wonderful acts we've got playing this year.... We're sure you'll all help us make this a true belter, and as if all this wasn't enough.... to top things off there is a vicious rumour that the electrophonic visuals will be making a return on nye, for all you 'old-school' wang heads, and equipped with newly acquired military-grade visual weaponry that will take your brain to another dimension....... You have been warned!!!! BTW we now have our very own facebook group, so please join our new WANG GANG SQUAREPUSHER - LIVE. Tom J is currently touring Europe promoting his new album 'Just a souvenir'. He will be making an ultra-rare party appearance and is guaranteed to mash-up the place in true WANG stylee 8-) RADIOACTIVE MAN - LIVE. Keith Tenniswood has been a long-time WANG supporter since our very start, and unleashed his R>A>M> live set on the world for the very first time at a WANG party at the Premises way way back in 2001! After far too long a break, we're chuffed to have him back in the fold. Expect dance-floor destroying electro and dirty dirty bassmental business. Prepare to dive and lie wrecked before boarding the nightbus to nowhere! JIM MASTERS - DJ SET. Stalwart of the UK techno scene, we hope Jim wont mind us saying his been around even longer than us! Over his many years of devotion to underground techno, Jim has been involved in some defining moments in the UK scene. Promoter and resident at Base (with Carlo Cox), Ultimate Base and Hi-tec Soul (with Derrick May), Jim has also been involved in Drum Club, M.O.S., Open Records, as well as finding time to DJ all round the world. If you ask him nicely he may even pull out some 'techno classics' for you lucky lucky people. AGT RAVE CRU - LIVE. DJ Mag described AGT Rave Cru like Altern8 meets 2ManyDJs in fluro coats and Orbital Glasses! We'd call it Jive Bunny Goes Hardcore. What more can we say, except you had better be prepared for their full-tilt mashups of old rave tunes. Get your glo sticks and rave horns at the ready! ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK - LIVE AND DJ. Italo-disco pioneer and all-round top geezer Maurizio has become a firm WANG favourite since making his WANG debut last December and has something rather special up his sleeve for NYE. HEARTBREAK - LIVE. Ever since we first saw them play live, we just had to get them down at WANG. Lex Records latest signing is made up of smooth as silk Argentine vocalist Sebastian Muravchix and British- born beatsmith/italo disco legend Ali Renault. Ali has previously had releases on numerous labels including Bunker, Human Shield, MNX, Cyber Dance and Dissident, as well as having had a residency at Liverpool techno institution 'Le Bateau'. Their italo-inspired sounds rock live and we're sure you're gonna love it. COCADISCO DJs. Completing our italo triumpherate The Cocadisco crew have been throwing crazy italo inspired parties all over east london, from dodgy nautical boozers in hackney to video bars in dalston, and have been creating a wild time where-ever they go. Almost single-handedly responsible for the italo revival, the boys just loving playing records to make girls dance, and long may it continue. NO YEAH NO AND DJ WARLOCK - DJ SETS. Rag and Bone Records bosses Jason and Stacey will be bringing forth their own brand of dirty dance floor beats, blending together elements of breaks, dub-step, electro and techno. ED CHAMBERLAIN - LIVE. Ed's a former WANG resident and has made some of our favourite music of this millennium. He's been described as an electro wunderkind. It's great to have him back at WANG with his own deep musical flex. BEN LYFORD - DJ SET. Ben's laptop based DJ sets have been one of the highlights of recent WANGs, getting the place truly jumping, and now he's got his chance to step up to the prime-time plate. So get yer dancin shoes on! JAKEONE - LIVE SET. After performing one of the most talked about sets at last year's WANG NYE party, Jakeone is back with more twisted laptop electronics. Jake is one half of Toob with Richard Thair. DANNY BEE - DJ SET. Long time WANGer Danny Bee is gonna pop his WANG cherry, playing for the very first time. He's been to so many WANGs if he doesn't know what you people want, I don't know who does? HICK NURDMAN - LIVE SET. Also making his WANG debut, Nick's live sets are characterised by noisy beats and wobbly synths. SIDNEY LE SARGE - DJ SET. Sid has played at WANG for donkeys years and has also provided tactical DJ support for Haywire and R.G.C. He is part of the Boardroom collective. Tickets are £20 + b.f. and will be available from WARPMART early next week and from Sounds Of The Universe Record shop in Soho from this Saturday. WANG - Less of a club, more of a party!
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