Digital Tsunami: Intergalactic Gary, Ernestas Sadau & More

  • Internationally recognised for enthralling DJ sets that incorporate Italodisco, Chicago house, Detroit techno, Electro and synthwave Intergalactic Gary has been collecting, curating and mixing records since the early 1980s. Gary grew up in The Hague and became a resident DJ at The Hague’s first house club LA D.S. in the early 1990s. Whilst buying records at Hotmixx Gary met I-F and was eventually asked to play records in I-F’s evil villain hideout: ‘De Blauwe Aanslag’, an infamous squat that once played incubator to the twisted electro of ‘The Hague sound’. The two went on to produce records together throughout the late 90s and early 00s as the Parallax Corporation releasing on I-F’s legendary Viewlexx imprint. Gary is a respected selector and DJ with a pedigree that spans decades, a ‘DJ’s DJ’ you can be sure with Intergalactic Gary at the helm of the ship you’re going to be going to musical and emotional places you never knew even existed. Kristopher Hall set up the Brokntoys label with Anwar Dawas in 2013 with core of the label highlighting the weirder, wonkier end of the electro spectrum whilst happily incorporating elements of house & techno along the way. We invite him to share with us his record collection; featuring obscure gems and body-movers Hall will reveal why his label is one to watch closely over the coming months and years. There isn’t much out there on the man Marvel, but rest assured he has a perfect record collection and we wanted to give him a chance to play with some greats. He might be unknown right now, but trust us this man knows his tunes. Ernestas Sadau & Roman Sputnik run the Digital Tsunami outfit and you can see from their run of successful podcasts that the boys know their stuff. Expect a set of noisy cuts from yesteryear, today and tomorrow reaching from Athens to Moscow to New York and out past the moons of Mars to enlighten and entertain your body mind and soul.
  • Digital Tsunami: Intergalactic Gary, Ernestas Sadau & More - Flyer front