Mojo present Julie Mcknight (Live)Kristian Valdini

  • ********************** ? So tell me how do you do....FINALLY I meet you...? Kings of Tomorrow ft Julie McKnight - Finally. Perhaps THE most recognizable verse to come out of Dance music over the last 10 years and for many one of the all time great House music tracks. For our last installment of 2008, MoJo have called on the one and only JULIE McKNIGHT to perform with us LIVE @ Alpha on Friday December 5th 2008. Julie is best known for her' Kings Of Tomorrow' work alongside the hugely talented trio of Jay Sinister, Sandy Rivera and Jose Burgos…but it took the awesome ‘In The Lifestyle’ album, from which the original mix of ‘Finally’ surfaced to place her firmly on the house music map! Be it cross over smash hits (KoT – Finally), underground anthems (KoT - I Want You For Myself), soulful classics (Louie Vega & Jay Sinisters – Diamond Life)…you name it, she’s done it and can rightly lay claim true DIVA status! This is the first time Julie has played the Middle East and she is raring to go, so expect a special performance on the Alpha Funktion One system, get those videophones at the ready. Supporting Julie on the 'Knight' will be: ?DJ BATTLE: Playing back2back ALL NIGHT!? MOJO vs SOULFUL SESSIONS KRISTIAN VALDINI vs DJ SCHOOLY (mojo/caseta) (Radio1 - soulful sessions). For those that are new to MoJo or have just been caught napping, here are just a few of the highlights since our launch in May this be sure to get in the loop for future events so as not to miss out: Louie Vega / Tony Humphries / Barbara Tucker / Jon Cutler / Sara Devine & Mike Ciro / Phil Asher / Bobby & Steve / Neil Pierce...the list goes on! K
  • Mojo present Julie Mcknight (Live)Kristian Valdini - Flyer front