Void presents: Dj Bone

  • Void are very happy to welcome Detroit's DJ Bone to Shanghai to help celebrate one year of parties at The Shelter. One of the Motor City's best techno DJs (and DJs from that city are some of the world's best), DJ Bone will show just why he is booked all over the world with his 3 turntable assault. Bone experienced the emotion, passion and energy of Detroit Techno first hand at the infamous Music Institute. What he witnessed there, along with the eclectic mix of music filling Detroit's airwaves by the legendary Electrifyin' Mojo and The Wizard, along with Detroit's industrial backdrop, would serve to be Bone's main influences. After hearing Bone in Detroit (1996 Love Club Anniversary Party) Laurent Garnier booked him to headline at the Rex Club in Paris. Soon after word spread and Bone was invited to play events all over Europe. Observing the trend of producers being booked to spin as opposed to actual DJ's fueled Bone to go against the grain and establish himself as a DJ primarily. He believes that an individual's talent should speak for it and not be overshadowed or misconstrued by hype. DJ Bone also operates and releases on his own label, Subject Detroit - http://www.subjectdetroit.com/ Support from Void residents, Shanghai_Ultra and Nat Alexander
  • Void presents: Dj Bone - Flyer front