In Bass We Trust

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    WILL STREETWISE Richie Balboa Kay C DELACREW (Drum n Bass) THOME TOMATO (Breaks)
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  • * Will Streetwise / UK / Streetwise Music * Richie Balboa / UK / NSB Radio * Delacrew / ESP / Science of Sounds * Thome Tomato / USA / Science of Sounds The idea behind this party is to make connection with big cities in Europe like London, Barcelona, Berlin which are the origin of D&B and Breaks. SOS would like to help this music trend grow in Beijing where the local people have not been totally exposed to it yet. * Types of music: breakbeats, drum&bass, nu&oldschool * Live radio broadcast with Richie Balboa and Will Streetwise from UK. It’ll be the first live breaks show from Beijing to the world. * D&B and VJ Liveset of Delacrew * Special new year edition of breakbeats from Thome Tomato * Visual content provide that will change the party atmosphere in White Rabbit completely. * Less cheesiness in exchange of more hotness. The complete music session of the event will be live streamed to the NSB radio station in London, awarded as the best breakbeat online radio, broadcasting worldwide how we roll in Beijing. Party goers can expect: * The unique vibes that get people to shake their booty and get down and funky. * Lineup international DJs provide all sorts of sensation. * Amazing background visuals provided by Delacrew VJ. * Share the joy and fun with people out there listening to the radio. In 2009 after the first year in Beijing, everyone will see the final establishment of the Science of Sounds in China. We are working in the audio & video production, events and artist management and we also have other projects to get started during the next year. In February we are launching our music and video labels and open our Studio in Huantie Art District. There we will have constant experimental development providing a space for our artists to create and produce expressions in the digital art spectrum. Starting with this event on Dec 31st and after our 2nd anniversary of S.O.S. in February everybody will see all the results of a year of hard work.
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