D-Late Afthrs - Saytek & Damien Schwartz

  • For the last D-LATE of the year we are climaxing with two great live acts, hand picked for their fantastic sounds. First up is Damian Schwartz and his debut UK LIVE show, Damian Schwartz' one of the key figures of the NET28 family, along with Alex Under, Tadeo and Imek. Damian's sound has evolved from the visceral and futuristic techno of its origins, to the warm, cerebral and deep groove of his recently released album, Party Lovers. It is easy to see traces of Chicago's early house melted with Damian´s techno sound and rhythm design approach. The result is new, refreshing and original, without a doubt a timeless dance machine... Secondly we welcome back Saytek, a London based house and techno live act/producer who's improvised shows see him creating electronic music on the fly with the aid of his many toys (Roland mc909, Novation Ziosynth, DJM 800, Redsound looper, Kaos Pad 3 + Ableton). Saytek has also just released his live album - LIVE FROM THE SEAL PIT – A LIVE ALBUM RECORDED AT THE ZOO PROJECT, IBIZA, to the tune of "Excellent" 4/5, from DJ Mag. His productions have gained critical acclaim across the board with widespread DJ support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Claude von stroke, Tim Sheridan, David duriez, Kevin Suanderson and Clive Henry. D-LATE resident RICH NxT will be adding his own little bit of magic to make it the afterparty you all love. Hypercolour are a London based label who are going from stength to strength with their releases, before joining us they are Rocking it up at East Villiage. Entry is £12 on the door £10 with Flyer £7 on the list [email protected]
  • D-Late Afthrs - Saytek & Damien Schwartz - Flyer front
    D-Late Afthrs - Saytek & Damien Schwartz - Flyer back