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    cRAIGmITCHELL with Etiquette in the lounge
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  • Celebrating 3 years as a monthly resident of Boston only afterhours, cRAIG drops music for a packed house from beginning to end with no labels and no boundaries for the music and for the AUDIENCE. His track with Dirty German, ON THIS DANCEFLOOR, says it all: Within these walls On this dancefloor There's no gay No straight No white No black No man No woman We're all one people United by rhythm Owner of Slanted Black and label mgr for NY Love and MAGNETIK, keep your ears open for new collaborations, remixes and tracks with, by and from Alan T, Manny Ward, Ralph Berr, Christian Scott, Masi & Mello, Eddie Cumana, John Creamer, Stephane K, Phillip Charles, Angel Moreas, Danny BUDDAH Morales and many more!
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